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Lito Atienza Pursues Dream By Running For Mayor Of Manila | February 11, 2010

When Lito Atienza announced that he would quit the Cabinet in order to run for Manila Mayor in the upcoming elections, voters were certainly gifted with a great choice for leader of the City. Lito Atienza is for sure a force in Philippine politics and is gifted with a formidable family background. A lot of his kin are themselves prominent members of the history of Philippine politics. Because of this, it could be rightfully declared that Lito is truly a prime choice for the post of Manila Mayor.

The father of Lito Atienza, Jose Atienza Sr, or Pepe was the head of the Department of Public Services of the City of Manila. He was a distinguished public servant who would even get up in the middle of the night just to help troubled neighbors. His uncle, Herminigildo Atienza, was appointed Manila Mayor himself right after the liberation of the city. He was a very good mayor who was considered as one of the biggest influences in the founding of the legendary Liberal Party of Philippine politics.

Lito Atienza grew up amidst the ruins of the City of Manila, walked through the neighborhoods that was but a collection of debris and even swam on the waters of Manila Bay. He would make a great Manila Mayor because he grew up in the city which he aspires to lead. He dreamt that would be a part of Philippine politics, elevate the City of Manila into a bastion of power which will make the ashes of the war a mere afterthought. By gunning for the post of Manila Mayor, he can now engage in his dream task of trying to place Manila back to the high status where it belongs.

Lito Atienza is certainly very qualified to become Manila Mayor. He had his primary and secondary education in the Ateneo de Manila University and added a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. Even though their family was not wealthy, Lito’s parents were hardworking and this enabled Lito to enter into formidable schools. The Atienza family are also very faithful and God fearing. Core family values and religious competence such as these are certainly very important for the position of public servant in Philippine politics.

Perhaps the best qualification of Lito Atienza is his untarnished name. His father Pepe firmly believed that no wealth could ever match the reputation of the heritage of good name backed up with a good education. Lito also had lots of peers and always persevered in order to reach his goals. He would take menial labor positions and even rode along the cars of his more well to do classmates because he firmly believed in hard work as the bridge to our goals.

Lito Atienza would certainly add to his colored history in his participation in Philippine politics by running for mayor. By all accounts, being the Manila Mayor would be best for him and for the city of Manila given his heritage with the place. He experienced not only his life here, but also lived it in community with his family in the city which he envisions to prosper. If chosen with the honor, it will truly be for everyone’s benefit if we give him a chance to fulfill his ambitions of the city for us.

Lito Atienza is the most deserving to become Manila’s mayor. He grew from a revered family in Philippine politics and already has vast experience himself as a politician. If elected, he would be living out his dream of becoming Manila Mayor, and leading the city to success. The inhabitants of the city would certainly be rewarded if they decide to make him the next mayor.

– Joel Dumayog

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